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   Once again, we are on critical levels for Storage, but in better news; We are just over 67% of the way there on our Donation run! That's amazing! Two new sims have been added to That Page, as well as Two new Sims on my Second Page. Happy Downloading!



   Hey Guys, I've fixed the links on the Periodic Sims on my 2nd Page, their links were all crazy. I do appologize! If you got a Sim Roulette through that, please re-download in confidence!



   We have reached Critical Levels of No Storage [As in, 0MB left] and I have placed a small entry on my Livejournal pleading for Donations. Thankfully, our Perecntage total is now at 44%, with a third donation! Sim will be made and put up for grabs as soon as the request comes back. Cheers!



   Hey everyone, a small update today with Three new sims from Me, two on This Page and the new Donation Sim, for our Donation Run! Happy downloading!



   Hi Guys! New sims in the processes of creation, and some great news, too: We have just received our second donation, which brings our percentage up to 31%! That's amazing, and I am so, so grateful. If you are able to, please check out out Donation Run page where we explain the situations in full and our promises for the future! Thanks again!



   Welcome to the new Year! With new year brings new change, and Boy does BSS have some! With new Pages and Sims, I hope you enjoy your way about the [hopefully easier to manage] site! Happy Downloading!

   If you're wondering where the extra pages of Sims went, they are now located by Creator - RealiSIM, MaxisMatch and Alien pages have been conjoined inside the amalgamated "Petchy" pages, allong with the Other Creations of mine, too. Kusti has all her own sims there, too. Enjoy!



   I've managed to cut back on a bunch of old things clogging up our Space, so I've been able to upload a few more Sims to our Periodic Table! Getting the Links up and running was *very* hard work, so go check out my efforts!  Happy Downloading!



   Just wanted to appologize for the lack and hold of Uploads to the site. With the School Programe beggining, and a lack of time all round, I've just not been able to Create. In addition, the space on the site is at crital level.. and noone wants to view sims which are not be able for you to get your hands on.

   Kusti made a great job on our Semi-Secret Project, and if momentum gets going again, I'll be sure to add my sims to that, too.



   Added Two Alien sims I made today, I just had to use some new content I found!



   To aid our Donation Run even more I've propsed an idea for a new Theme here at Bodyshopped. There is a way to get to see it, but you need to find it first! Also, I've uploaded Three New sims to the Site; Some Found Here, One found Here. Happy Downloading!



   Added a sim I made for Rosielove after she donated to our Donation Run to the Themes page. These Thank You gifts are free to download, but if you want your own, you know what to do!



   You may have seen that the Sims 3 Section of the site has been removed from the banner, that's because soon it will be deleted and replaced with something new and special! I'm in the process of setting up a Livejournal Community to house Sims 3 sims from now on, making this site Sims 2 Orientated. Hopefully I can use some of the space left over to get a few sims from Kusti up. Still no headway on the Donation Run, I wish I knew if it were working or not.



   Managed to get Three new sims up on the Maxis Match Page, and that will probably be the last from us until the Donation Run has ended. If you can, people, read the essay and click the Donate Button.. It really means a lot to me. Thank You.



   Little update from me today, with Five new Sims on the Maxis Match Page, just to keep everything ticking over! Word on the Street is that Kusti has a secret project, but even I don't know! Hope you enjoy~



   Talk about productivity! Kusti now has half a dozen sims on her page - that's right, THREE new sims from her! Plus, there are Two new sims on the RealiSIM page - Andrew and Mrz, who you may have seen before - and Five Aliens on the Alien Page.. who are also remade old sims. Phew! That's a lot, so Happy Downloading!



   Skin Sets and Speckle Face Masks are now up! And now a new creator has joined the site! Kusti brings some brand spanking new sims for you, so go check out her page! Different styles, and new ideas are always welcome on this site!



   There will be new sims today - of the RealiSIM nature - it feels forever since I last made new Sims!



   Could be a sudden Influx of Sims 3 Sims which will be what I've really been working on for the Game. There are some really cool characters, and I'm quite exited to share them and see how they do!



   Aliens Page is alive and Kicking, with some sims you might not have seen before, This means that All I have to do is collect some new images for my Skin sets and the site will be as it should be!



   The Sim Sound Sims are uploaded! (Try saying that one five times fast!) and a new sim or two added to another page. Check them out!



   New Sims up on Sims 3, Maxis Match, and work planned on the Alien Sims and Other Creations.

Watch this space!


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Me and Kusti have been very busy and absent, but slowly making a return whenever it seems fitting. Currently, we are both doing post-GCSE endevours, going towards Uni, and this has meant our entire priority thing has gone totes wack, yo. Anyhow, I, Petchy, have moved onto Tumblr for the majority of my simming, and you can find all my latest pictures and activities at ShoofleedSims.


I also update my Livejournal Occasionally, as well as MTS and lurk TSC. Those links on my page are still working fine.

Kusti, however, doesn't have a seperate Simblr as of yet, though I'm pushing her towards doing it (convienience = amazing) but her day-to-day Tumblr is where you may find her, though she frequents LJ too.



Soon, I think I'm going to move everything of mine to a Bodyshopped @ Tumblr, simply because of the space restraints that Moonfruit has. Just to be aware. Nothing will be deleted, at all, remember that it's all just links and photos here, and there will be new stuff to add too. Happy Simming.

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